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Aquatech 210L Rapid / X6

Designed for your home

We understand that every home has unique hot water needs. So we made it easy to customise the RAPID/X6, with four unique heating modes. With one button you can up the temperature or maximise savings.  

Give gas the flick....

Switch to a RAPID/X6, and you could be on the way to eliminating your home's gas connection, or bottle rentals. By making your home fully electric you could be saving up to $400/yr.

And run on the sun.

With a built-in timer function, you can synchronise when the RAPID/X6 heats, with your Solar P.V. Running on cheaper solar power, can reduce your hot water costs to less than $100/yr

With on demand storage..

Our unique tank construction incorporates both convex & concave domes, so the RAPID/X6 delivers a larger storage volume by height and a 99% heated water capacity.

... for up to 40 minutes continuous showering.

When fully heated the RAPID/X6 can provide 40 minutes of continuous showering, for a standard 9L/min shower head and 15°C cold water temperature.   

This one is quieter

Heat pumps have had a reputation for being noisy, so we spent two years reducing the running level of the RAPID/X6. With a low 43 dba operating sound, it is now one of the quietest, heat pumps on the market. 

It works in the cold

Not all heat pumps are built for cold-weather performance. The RAPID/X6 incorporates a smart defrost function and has been classified with a Class A rating, which means its heating capacity has been tested at below freezing 0°C conditions. 

Built like a tank. Inside and out.

The RAPID/X6  full metal exterior, eliminates any cheap plastics that degrade over time. The inner tank is 2.5mm thick  & Class X enamel coated,  double the industry standard. For a heat pump that not only looks good, but is built to last.

  • Exterior Features

    Controller access cover.

    Duo-shield full metal casing.

    Service access panel. 

    Support feet.

    Laser cut air in-take/exhaust.

  • Interior Features

    High pressure switch.

    Electronic expansion valve.

    Micro-channel exchanger. 

    Aluminium-alloy material.

    R290 rotary compressor.

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