Designed for your home

We understand that every home has unique hot water needs. So we made it easy to customise the RAPID/X6, with four unique heating modes. With one button you can up the temperature or maximise savings.  

Give gas the flick....

Switch to a RAPID/X6, and you could be on the way to eliminating your home's gas connection, or bottle rentals. By making your home fully electric you could be saving up to $400/yr.

And run on the sun.

With a built-in timer function, you can synchronise when the RAPID/X6 heats, with your Solar P.V. Running on cheaper solar power, can reduce your hot water costs to less than $100/yr

With on demand storage..

Our unique tank construction incorporates both convex & concave domes, so the RAPID/X6 delivers a larger storage volume by height and a 99% heated water capacity.

... for up to 40 minutes continuous showering.

When fully heated the RAPID/X6 can provide 40 minutes of continuous showering, for a standard 9L/min shower head and 15°C cold water temperature.   

This one is quieter

Heat pumps have had a reputation for being noisy, so we spent two years reducing the running level of the RAPID/X6. With a low 43 dba operating sound, it is now one of the quietest, heat pumps on the market. 

WIFI Control

Homes are getting smarter, and so should your hot water system. Wifi enabled via the Tuya smart-home app—control and monitor from your phone or tablet.

Wifi Setup Manual

It works in the cold

Not all heat pumps are built for cold-weather performance. The RAPID/X6 incorporates a smart defrost function and has been classified with a Class A rating, which means its heating capacity has been tested at below freezing 0°C conditions. 

Built like a tank. Inside and out.

The RAPID/X6  full metal exterior, eliminates any cheap plastics that degrade over time. The inner tank is 2.5mm thick  & Class X enamel coated,  double the industry standard. For a heat pump that not only looks good, but is built to last.

  • Exterior Features

    Controller access cover.

    Duo-shield full metal casing.

    Service access panel. 

    Support feet.

    Laser cut air in-take/exhaust.

  • Interior Features

    High pressure switch.

    Electronic expansion valve.

    Micro-channel exchanger. 

    Aluminium-alloy material.

    R290 rotary compressor.

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