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Evoheat Heat Pump


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Extremely Energy Efficient

The Evo 270-1 uses 1kW of energy and heat pump technology to generate 4.27kW of heat – saving you up to 75% on your hot water costs!

Ideal For Household & Commercial Applications

Compact in size, yet powerful enough to supply hot water for up to six people in a domestic application, and is equally at home for use in many commercial applications such as in resorts, hotels and motels, restaurants and retail outlets.

Hydro Power Booster

Get more for your money from your hot water system. The EVO 270-1 can produce 119 litres of hot water per hour with our Hydro Power Boost function.

This means a never-ending stream of hot water of up to 60°C even when it’s below freezing outside.

Intelligent Control & Built In Timers

Take control of your hot water with our intelligent touch pad and built-in timer.

Govern when and for how long your system operates to make the most of off-peak energy tariffs or your own created energy via your Solar PV.

Vacation Mode

This feature not only allows you to further increase energy efficiency by eliminating unnecessary heating of the system whilst you are away, but you can also program it to reactivate on a specific date to ensure that there is hot water on tap, the moment you walk in the door!

Sleek Design & Simple To Install

EVO 270-1 is a stylish compact all in one system, measuring just 640mm in diameter. There are no roof panels, no additional components to assemble on site, and no extra parts or pipes required.

This results in a simple and cost-effective upgrade when installed to the same location as your existing hot water system.

Ideal To Work With Solar PV

Complete control over the weather isn’t possible, however complete control over your hot water is with EvoHeat.

Our heat pumps are idea to work with solar PV! Day or night, rain, hail or shine, our hot water heat pumps will deliver your hot water at your desired temperature with greater efficiency than traditional nd conventional solar hot water heaters – without the need for sunlight and expensive energy bills!

OPTIONAL UPGRADE - Wi-fi control

Upgrade your Evo270-1 with Wi-fi control. Available for iOS and Android, the smart phone controller app offers you an easy and convenient way to monitor and control your hot water.  *additional cost