Goodwe XS Single Phase Inverter

The brand new XS model from GoodWe is an ultra-small residential solar inverter ranging from 0.7kW to 3.0kW. It is specifically designed to bring comfort and quiet operation as well as high efficiency to households. With a fascia size equivalent to a sheet of A4 paper and a weight of just 5.8kg, installation is could not be more convenient. Remarkably, it offers 130% of DC input oversizing and can achieve a maximum European efficiency of 97.2%. Communication options available on this inverter are both LAN and Wi-Fi.

Goodwe XS Datasheet

Goodwe DNS G3 Single Phase Inverter

GoodWe DNS series is a perfect solution for residential installations thanks to its compact size. Manufactured for durability and longevity under modern industrial standards, the DNS series is IP65 rated so it can be mounted either indoors or outdoors. With a low start-up voltage of only 80V and the widest MPPT voltage range of 80-550 V, these inverters can provide great versatility for many household systems. The GoodWe DNS series is also 30% lighter than other inverters in its class, making installation more convenient.

Goodwe DNS G3 Single Phase Inverter Datasheet

Goodwe SDT G3 3 Phase Inverter

The GoodWe SDT G2 Series is one of the best options available on the residential & commercial segments thanks to its technical strengths that make it one of the most efficient products in the market. For enhanced safety, this inverter is able to incorporate AFCI. Its high efficiency (98.4%) and its enhanced oversizing & overloading capabilities represent an outstanding improvement in the industry. Moreover, its plug-in AC connector make operation & maintenance easier.

Goodwe SDT G3 3 Phase Datasheet

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